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Study Skills Self Assessment

Sometimes it is helpful to take a good hard look at your study habits.  The self-assessment below may give you an idea about those areas that could use some “fine tuning.”

Directions:  Honestly score the following study statements: 1 = Rarely; 2 = Somewhat; 3 = Most all the time.  Then total your responses. 

Study Habits




1. The majority of my study is done in a comfortable, quiet, well lit place that is free of distractions.  (See Study Tips)




2. I know my peak study time during the day and I match my study to fit. (See Study Tips)




3. After reading a segment of an assigned reading, I pause and ask myself questions about what I just read. (See Effective Reading)




4. I can process and readily recall information from my reading and my class lectures. (See Better Remembering)




5. I set both long range and short term study goals. (See Study Goals)




6. I go over my lecture notes both before and shortly after a class lecture. (See Lecture Notes)




7. I preview a reading assignment before I begin reading. (See Effective Reading)




8. I listen and concentrate carefully in class. (See Concentration Power)




9. I study regularly, even when I don’t feel like it (See Study Attitude)




10. I follow sound test taking strategies. (See Test Taking Strategies and Coping with Tests)




11. I have a consistent and easy-to-read system of taking notes (See Lecture Notes and Textbook Note Taking)




12. I faithfully set up a study schedule AND I stick with it (See Time Management)




13. I am motivated to do the best I can in all my classes, even the ones that aren’t my favorite. (See Study Attitude)




16. I go over my notes in a timely way to fill in what I missed, flush out definitions, and rewrite them in my own words. (See Lecture Notes)




15. I seek help if I need it (See College Stress)






If your total score is 40 – 45, your study habits seem to be on track.

If you scored under 40 OR if you have some statements where you gave yourself a 1, here are some steps that you may want to take.

  1. Follow the “See More” links identified for each statement to find additional information and improvement suggestions.

  2. Visit your school’s learning or tutoring center for some specific advice and study strategies.

  3. Meet with some friends or classmates who you know are good students and ask them to offer suggestions in those areas where you scored one or two.

  4. First read over our general Study Tips and Ideas to Consider; then go to our  Study Improvement Activities .  Select a few activities for improvement that look good to you and put them into practice.