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Adopt a Good Study Attitude

A basketball enthusiast related the story of an argument he once had with his father.  It seems that dad had asked his son to shovel the snow off the sidewalk.  The boy balked, pouted all morning, and despite the threat of punishment, refused to shovel.  Later that afternoon, the same boy bounced out of the house and eagerly shoveled the snow away from the drive next to the garage so he and a friend could shoot some baskets.  The question here of course is one of motivation.  The work will be done and done enthusiastically if the motivation is right—it’s a matter of a “proper” mental orientation.

Effective study begins with the right frame of mind.  The most productive study happens when you are convinced that you are working to improve yourself.  Before you begin your study remind yourself  that studying feeds your own natural curiosity, that your studies work to expand your view of life, and that with careful study you can find a deeper sense of yourself and the world in which you live.

If your attitude is built on this vision, your studies will have much more meaning and the time spent with your books will be much more productive.  Believe it or not, your grades will also fall into place.